Black Burgundy Truffles

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  • Black Burgundy Truffles

Black Burgundy Truffles

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The most common and widely consumed truffle The summer truffle or “scorzone”, scientific name TUBER AESTIVUM VITT., can reach notable dimensions and is very similar to the black truffle. The outer surface shows pyramidal warts of brown color. It has a strong aromatic scent, but at the cut it differs from the black fine one, because the glebe does not become dark, but tends to a dark yellow. It grows in both sandy and clayey soils, in deciduous forests, pine forests and even in the old olive groves.It is the most common truffle on the Italian ground, especially in the Abruzzo region, with a lower cost than other truffles, precisely because of its easygoing adaptability to different kinds of habitat and plants from the area, including the cultivated tartufaias.It is very appreciated in the kitchen and it is used for the production of sausages and sauces, creams and oils. There is also a winter variant of this kind of truffle, known as uncinated truffle (Tuber Uncinatum).


  •  Peridium: warty, formed by protruding warts, coarse and pointed at the end, black colored.
  •  Glebe: hazel with yellowish hues, crossed by white veins, highly branched, more or less fine.
  •  Shape: generally rounded.
  •  Dimensions: “scorzone” has a rather high average size, sometimes some specimens may reach half a kg of weight.
  •  The “scorzone” truffle in the kitchen: because it has a soft perfume, is used as the basis for preparations with other ingredients.
  •  Availablility: from June to November.