Fresh White Truffles

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  • Fresh White Truffles

Fresh White Truffles

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The scientific name of White Truffle is Tuber Magnatum, namely “tycoons”.

  • It has an un-confoundable and unique strong scent. The white truffle has an irregular shape, its size is generally large, at around 200-400 grams. Exceptionally even higher than 1 kg. One of the largest fresh truffles.
  •  You can find it from late summer until early winter.
  •  Peridium: smooth, pale yellow, sometimes with a greenish or yellow-ocher hue.
  •  Glebe: yellowish, with a hazel or brown hue, sometimes with red specks, crossed by a dense network of very thin white veins.
  •  Shape: can be roundish or even very lobed, or definitely mashed, depending on the type of soil in which the truffle has raised.
  •  Dimensions: this specie  is very variable in size, with specimens that can reach several hectograms, and even exceed 1kg.
  •  Availability: from September to December.